Distribution and Collection of Receivers and Headsets

The hirer shall be responsible for handling the daily distribution and collection of individual receivers and headphones to each delegate, as well as to provide the necessary staff to that effect on the day of the conference. In order to prevent accidental losses, it is strongly recommended to ask for the ID card or passport from the interpretation users.

Period of Hire
The period of the hire shall commence when the equipment leaves the provider facilities and shall terminate when the equipment is returned to the provider facilities.

Equipment Replacement
The offered equipment shall be subject to final availability therof on the agreed upon dates. The provider reserves its right to replace the said equipment with similar or superior equipment; in no case the initially agreed upon price shall be altered.

Safe keeping and Insurance

It shall be the absolute responsibility of the hirer to ensure the safe keeping of the hired equipment from the arrival to the collection of the equipment and the hirer shall reimbursed Alquiler Traducción Simultánea for the lost or damaged equipment. The provider does not accept liability for damage or loss sustained by the hirer arising from the failure of the equipment, even if the hirer has contracted a risk insurance policy for the above risks, except where the provider is the express beneficiary of that insurance policy. For the duration of the period of the hire, the hirer shall be liable for any loss, theft, destruction or damage to the equipment howsoever arising and shall reimburse Alquiler Traducción Simultánea such sums as shall be necessary to replace lost equipment or repair damaged equipment, in accordance to the supplier’s rates in force for the current year.

Equipment Ownership
Transfer. All equipment on hire remains the absolute property of the provider. The hirer shall not have authority transfer or otherwise part with possession of the equipment during the period of hire unless the express written consent of Alquiler Traducción Simultanea is first obtained.

In the event that the hirer wishes to cancel the contract, a cancellation charge applies:
- 50% of the quote price when cancellation takes places 72 hours prior to the installation of the equipment and 100% when cancellation takes place in less than 24 hours prior to the installation of the equipment.

Failure of the Equipment

The conference interpreting equipment shall be delivered to the client in good working order and undamaged condition. In case of a failure, the provider shall take all steps to ensure that faulty equipment is replaced as soon as possible with either the same or similar equipment. The provider shall not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for losses or damages incurred by the hirer or any third party due to faulty or non functioning equipment during the period of hire.

Governing Law

The client or the person hiring the equipment is the sole responsible for the fulfilment of all the Laws in force in general and, in particular, of all the Laws related to copyright and/or intellectual property rights.

Audiovisual Support

Alquiler Traducción Simultánea shall keep and handle with due privacy all data, programmes or audiovisual supports provided to it for the development of the hired services. The provider shall not be liable for the storage of the above data, programmes or audiovisual supports following completion of the hired services.

Personal Data Protection

According to what is established in Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999, I hereby authorize Alquiler Traducción Simultánea to process and to add to its client and marketing database and to transfer and the make available to third companies related to the hired services for the purpose of the good development and running of the contract, the personal data that I provided in relation to quote, invoicing, or any other processing related to the hiring of equipment. In accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in article 5 of the data protection legislation I acknowledge my right at all times to access the file and exercise their rights of rectification, information, cancellation and opposition. The hirer may exercise his rights by sending a specific request to Alquiler Traducción Simultánea at the following address:

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